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Sep 20th, 2013

When you begin planning there are a bunch of different scenarios you can use to guide your thinking. However they all have commonalities. You will need to assume people will loot and attack you to take your things, so security is important. Assume the power grid is offline and anything electric isn’t working and can’t be depended on. Stores will be low or out on food, what food they have you could expect to have to pay $20 cash, not credit card, for a single can. These factors have all been seen in earthquakes, and hurricanes through out the years and are just how it is in an emergency this is why you plan.  First off there are really only 3 modes or basic plans, Bug in, Bug Out, and rebuild.

Bug in – you are going to hole up somewhere where you have security, food, water and all the elements you need. Typically it’s recommended this is somewhere in the country to minimize security threats by being away from people. Here you can have ample supplies stored up, rely on larger devices like solar power, or huge water tanks.

Bug Out – either your supplies are exhausted or the area is too dangerous. It may be time to bug out. In this process you can either head to a friend’s retreat in the country, or in your last case find a good place in the middle of a woods or forest where you can live off the land. Either way you will be traveling and need keep it light. Assume you be living off the land.

Rebuild — It’s time to rebuild you have a safe place and you need to start building a new life or possible society. Depending on how bad the emergency was you may be doing things like planting heirloom seed and creating your own food stores more like pioneers, or simply withdrawing your saving or calling insurance and rebuilding your house.

What you will need in troubled times depends on how troubled and how prepared you want to be. Visit the scenarios page to learn more about the scenarios you may encounter and special considerations you will need to take account for in each.