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Getting Started

Sep 19th, 2013

Introduction to Prepping

For many reading this site prepping will be a absolutely new concept, maybe you heard about it from shows like Doomsday Preppers or became aware of it from doomsday/conspiracy theory web sites. However you got here I am glad you are here. This site is for people like me and my wife who are trying to create a lifestyle where we can survive any event that might show up in our daily lives. This can be anything from more common scenarios like an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, drought, Job loss to less common scenarios such as   financial collapse, nuclear or a third world war, viral outbreak, solar flares, polar shifts or yes even a Zombie Apocalypse.

The idea of prepping isn’t as far out as everyone thinks. Back in our founding father’s days they had to live with uncertainty. So they did what they could to make sure they were able to eat, drink and survive. Today we live a spoiled life were simply going to a walmart and buying frozen or fresh foods shipped across the United States daily. Living this lifestyle and not thinking about what happens if something breaks down preventing the shelves from being stocked is living on the razor’s edge. If you have a sound sense of finance you know it makes sense to get beyond paycheck to paycheck living and have a savings account between you and broke. Well what if something got between your savings and turning it into good and services you need to live? This is where prepping comes in. Having not only the money on hand to survive, but also the tangible goods like food that you need on hand to survive.

Are Preppers Crazy?

No, in fact many of them are far smarter then non-preppers, they have realized how uncertain life really is and decided to try and reduce their risks. Mainstream media and the government may try to portray them as crazy or eccentric, but if you look at the core idea of trying to be prepared should something happen, then you will see it’s very sane. Tough telling someone you believe a zombie apocalypse is going to happen isn’t the best way to convince them you are sane. Ideas used in the prepper community are showing up in media today, you will see zombie apocalypse spouted all over the place as if it were scheduled for next Tuesday. Shows like the colony and doomsday preppers have been big hits, and more and more people are concerned about the state of the economy. So as a whole our collective mindset is taking notice that something is on the horizon.

While the zombie apocalypse isn’t likely to happen despite someone in Miami Florida eating a homeless man’s face in June 2012, it serves as a metaphor to educate non-preppers about fragile our society and way of living really is. In reality all scenarios of  prepping serve to prepare us for one thing that explains it all, when the Shit Hits The Fan (commonly known as SHTF). This is when everything changes no matter what the cause because we couldn’t maintain our collective non-sustainable way of life any longer. So prepping is about creating a buffer for you and your loved ones that allows you to ride out the harsh changes and transition into whatever the new way of life less violently.


About Last Minute Prepper Site

While there are many scenarios out there as to how SHTF will happen I personally look at the economy and think we are very close to to the days where the prepping will pay off. However I feel extremely pressed to get my prepping in order quickly with very limited funds. How far off are we, my irrational mind wants to tell me 6-12 months from seeing the real start of it. Infact talking with some preppers I have met they believe it may be difficult or nearly too late for people just starting to prep to really get the comfort and buffer they have built up before they will have to put into action their prepping plans. I personally agree with them, however at the same time I’m sure when anyone starts prepping they feel pressed to make it happen tomorrow only because of the revelation they had of how fragile things really are. So at this point I have set forth to make it a 1 year prep. Get the basic prep out of the way in 1 year, but focus on trying to build up how many days forward you can live as you go.

So how does this work? For me I’m making the first contingency plan my priority. Get my bug out bag and plan together. If something happens have everything ready to go to get out of the area and know where I am going to. This is always you backup plan, if it means living in the woods and eating small game so be it. Just be ready for that plan first. Buy a month’s worth of shelf stable food and store water so you can survive 30 days before you have to bug out. Focus on the essentials first, then as you go build up more time forward you can live and with a more comfortable lifestyle. As my wife and I personally work on our preparedness we wanted to share our findings with you as there is a lot of research that is going into our prep and this site. It only makes sense to us to share what we have found so save you all the time and money wasted researching and making bad choices along the way.

Do you have to be wealthy to Prep?

No, there are people of all ages and background who are currently prepping. To get started all you have to do is start conserving your resources, and when possible buy a little extra. You may have to change your life style if you are spending all your extra cash on trips to the bar or McDonalds. However in the long run the peace of mind  and new skills you will get will be very rewarding. So while you don’t have to be wealthy to start prepping, I will say that all preppers are wealthy. Buck-minster Fuller the inventor of the Geodesic Dome (example Epco at Disney World) put a statement on a patent application that read as follows “Wealth is measured by the number of days forward someone can survive without having to rely on someone else or work.” Buy build the self reliance through prepping you are making yourself wealthy by that definition.

How to use this site

In this guide I will provide links to blog articles that I consider essential to shaping your preparedness and will constantly be adding more. Once you make it through the essentials on this page visit the education section here you will find additional information on specific skills or ideas. The blog will provide a running list of ideas and topics with the newest ideas available. This is predominantly for people already prepping or following the site.  If you are looking for good supplies check out the store section, I have personally scoured the web looking for good products and great deals. These are items I either already own for my prep or have on my to purchase list. These are affiliate links so if you want to give back and help out this site and look to buy the products I recommend anyway please click the links located in the site.


Core Ideas Of Prepping