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growing mint from seed

The benefits of growing mint

By Ashley

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Jan 19th, 2018

Adding mint to your garden can be very rewarding. Growing mint from seed is very easy to grow and has tons of benefits. Mint aids in digestion and helps alleviate stomach cramps by activating your salivary glands to produce digestive enzymes. Mint has also be proven to prevent certain cancers by cutting off blood supply to tumors due to the natural chemicals.It is loaded with antioxidants and great for stress relief by using aromatherapy.

If you live on a homestead or in a rural area you may one day find yourself in a situation where you can not get essential supplies. Things such as medicine or basic hygiene products. Toothpaste, soap, bug repellent etc.This is where having mint on hand would be a good idea. These plants are great for oral care.  Just rub the leaves on your teeth and gums, or even chew on it to stop bacteria growth in your mouth. Got bug bites or even worse a rash? Rub directly on skin and affected area, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will work wonders to soothe the irritation.

As if you need any other reason to add mint to your growing list, most pests hate the smell. Keep ants mice and flies away to name a few. I would highly recommend using mint especially if you have a stockpile or supply of emergency food. Mice would love nothing more than to eat up every last bite of your food rash-ens. Simply crush a few stems and leaves and sprinkle the infested area and you will see them disappear. You will need to repeat this multiple times, at least once or twice a week depending on how serious the situation.

Many people hesitate to grow mint because it has a tendency to overtake your garden and other crops. It is a fast grower and will continue to grow and grow. This will not happen overnight so if you keep an eye on it you can trim and control it. Otherwise, it is very easy to grow. Start with seedlings, potted plant or a sprig of existing plant. Give it lots of sunlight and damp soil. Trim flower buds to keep it tame. You can choose to use fresh leaves or harvest them and dry them out. Crush the leaves and add mulch to your crops or garden. This will also help with a pest. Try to avoid planting near your other plants. The simplest way to enjoy mint without the hassle or worry of it taking over is to have a potted plant that you can care for in your home.

Add flavor to your food and drinks with mint. There are many varieties of this plant such as spearmint, peppermint apple mint. All will provide you with the benefits listed above. So whether you just want to add a plant to your garden or you are in a survival situation on your homestead, mint will be a great asset to have on hand for your health and hygiene.

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