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Solar and wind energy

Solar and wind kits

By Ashley

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Dec 29th, 2017

We as a society have become too reliant on grid electricity.  Imagine if your town has a power outage. Whether due to a storm or worse, normally we would just sit and wait for the power to come back on. So you wait and wait and wait…What would you do when it doesn’t come back on? These are questions you should spend some time on. Being even a little prepared is better than not at all. You should seriously consider having some solar or wind energy supply.

What is solar and wind power?  These are alternative ways to harness energy using the natural elements. Think about it, When you’re working out in your garden and the sun is warming your back or the nice cool breeze blowing through your hair that is an abundant supply of free energy.  Let me break them down. Solar energy works like this. On a solar panel, there PV cells that collect and convert sunlight into DC electricity.  Then a converter converts that into Ac electricity, Which is used to power your lights, Heat, water etc. Wind Turbines work when the wind turns the propellers around a rotor which is connected to a shaft that spins a generator to create electricity.

If you have not added one of these energy alternatives to your homestead I would highly recommend it. These options can seem very pricey, but there are all different types of starter kits and smaller packs to get the job done.  If you are in a survival situation your main electrical concerns should be light in the darkness, heat in the cold, and a way to power a few small appliances like a hot plate to cook and boil water.  Not to mention power for your phone or radio.

Here are some Packs I would recommend. For solar power the Goal Zero 250 watt generator with electric start and 2 boulders  30 solar panels. This has the panels to harness the sun and has the converter and generator all in one. Plus has multi-outlet adapters. This pack cost only around $1,600, which may seem expensive to some but when you think about the advantages its really a deal.

Now you can choose something smaller and also easy to travel with. If you have to move around quite a bit there are some travel size options. Try looking for a Travel wind turbine kit. One I have found is a 12v generator. It is very easy to setup and move. This will have a bit less power but it can get the job done.  Power led lamps, phones. These products you can find as cheap as $60. Now consider sometimes more money can mean more quality, but in a pinch, you will have to take all your circumstance into account. You can find many different options on Amazon.

You can also find other alternatives such as manual power kits. Hand or foot pedal cranks can also be a viable option.  Understand that these require your body’s energy to power them.  So if food and water are scarce these will not be a good idea. They will require alot of energy that you may not be able to replenish. So decide what will suit you best, and get a backup power alternative.

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