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Bug Out Bike

By Ashley

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Dec 8th, 2017

A bug out bike can be one of the best forms of transportation when SHTF. There may be Fuel shortage, congested roads, no roads. As well as being reliant on fuel  cars may aslo break down and you may not have access to a repair shop or parts. A bug out bike would be ideal. You can glide through the car congested roads with out having to refuel. If you get the right equipment for your bike you can have everything you need to get to your destination or survive on your own for some time.

  You want to do some research on what type of bike you want for your specific situation. A mountain bike would be best in any situation. You can travel through the city as well as through rough terrain. So choose a good bike frame. One that is strong and light, you don’t want any unnecessary weight. Aluminum or Titanium would be good choices. Make sure all parts of bike are new or in great condition.

  There are a variety of bike accessories to choose from. I recommend you check out Dirt Bags from Wyoming. There are everything from Saddle bags for the fork and bolted on,  Frame mounted bags that  velcro on. These can fit inside triangle frame of bike. Normally these are all unused parts of the bike, but with the accessories of your choice can help you load up all your essential supplies. You can aslo choose to add a wagon.

  The essentials to pack in your bug out bike are:

1)Water, Have a large water bottle of ready to drink water. Platypus collapsible water bottle and 1 quart single wall steel cantine, can be used to boil water.

2)Water purification tablets and travel sized filtration system. Sewyer Water Filter

3) Fire Starter — Flint and stone, Water proof matches.

4)Food, Light weight and high in calorie and protein( dried foods, ready to eat) At least 3-5 days worth.(Mex-rex bars)

5)First aid kit

6)Clothes, only 1-2 items One to keep you warm and one to keep you cool. Rain poncho

7)Small pot to boil water/cook with.

8)Compass and maps.

9)Leatherman wave, small screw driver set and allen wrench, bike repair kit like replacement tube and patch kit.

10)Tarp, mylar blanket/bivy sack and paracord for shelter

11) Travel sized fishing kit( if you have the advantage of being near water)

12) A handgun for personal protection, a Scabbard with a long gun on the bike, survival knife capable of batoning wood.

I know it seems like alot of supplies but you will be thankful for everyone of these and with all the different attachments for your bike you can fit everything you will need for that emergency bug out situation. This is when the lighter frame with be to your advantage. Most of the supplies listed above can come in small compact sizes. I would recommend getting a saddle bag, frame bags, and a seat bag. The wagon would be ideal because of the extra space, but depending on the area you will be in you may not be able to travel easily with this attachment. Another addition you will definitely want to get is a waterproof bike cover. The last thing you need is for your bike to get exposed to the rain and rust up. That will put a real kink in things. So decide which accessories will suit you and your bike Best.

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