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natural remedies

Natural Remedies

By Travis Birch

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Sep 13th, 2017

There are a lot of items that our family likes to grow in our garden, or harvest while hiking through the woods. When we have the opportunity, bartering with our neighbors builds relations, and creates a symbiotic relationship where we assist one another, and this allows us to free up garden space to maximize our yield. Nature offers us many natural remedies to heal ourselves. Some passed down from old-timers, and some learned from hands on experience.

Nature’s Bounty

Lemon SeedsWe maintain several lemon trees, lemon tree, throughout our property. Lemons, have high levels of vitamin C. It is a detoxing agent for your liver and kidneys. We keep lemons close by to clean our hands and kill germs. We add it to teas to soothe sore throats as well as to other remedies to create a more appetizing taste. Lemon juice is great to apply to poison ivy. The lemon juice breaks up the oils that maintain the rash.

Peppers, offer high amounts of vitamin C as well. Varieties such as jalapeno, jalapeno seeds, and especially cayenne, cayenne seeds, warms the body internally. Mucous build up from cold and flu like symptoms break down quickly and flush out with toxins in your body. It can add to pain relief, and increases your bodies’ circulation.

We began growing wild garlic and onions before we ever considered preparing to live a life off the grid. A cousin shared some, and it took off like wildfire. The sulfur compounds work with your body to create a better inner balance inside. By creating sulfenic acid it reacts with dangerous free radicals in your system. The propenesulfenic acid works to increase the powerful anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and, anti-viral properties fighting within you.


Clove, cloves, is a strong flavor inducing spice that adds a lot to any meal it’s a part of. When added to tea it becomes a strong and effective expectorant. Reducing the phlegm building up inside you reduces congestion. It serves as a pain reliever and the antioxidant properties it holds build up a reliable immune system. It is a reliable anti-inflammatory as well.

Right along with clove is ginger. A staple that everyone should keep. Working to relieve a sore throat, congestion and nausea, ginger also works to reduce inflammation and associated aches and pains. Ginger is a great addition to a tea to manage a sore throat.

My wife refers to honey, raw honey, as the allergy pill from nature. If you don’t keep bees, find a local source. Barter with your neighbor or source at a local market. When consumed, the ingredients that the bees put into this precious concoction help to build up immunities in your body. It is a germ fighter, and contains many vitamins and minerals. The anti-oxidants contained assist in defending against cell damage. Some folks will tell you that it will fight against cancer, and heart disease. Finally, I believe almost everyone has used honey in a hot toddy or in a tea as a component to ease congestion and sleep better.

  Turmeric, turmeric, is the growing trend nowadays. It seems to be the go to remedy for people. The truth of it is that turmeric has been a must have remedy around the globe for centuries, within many different cultures. With turmeric powder, you are consuming a anti-inflammatory, an anti-viral and, a histamine lowering device. It has been touted as a disease fighting ingredient that works to fight free radicals in the body. Stimulating adrenal gland production, works to reduce joint pain. Turmeric is a strong supporter of your liver functions. Protecting you against certain toxins that attack the liver.

Tea Recipe

A basic tea that we try to make at least once a week hot or cold aids the body in many ways. Specifically, you should brew this recipe whenever cold and flu like symptoms arise.

  • 4 cups filtered water
  • Sachet, sachet, or loose ingredients of cinnamon stick, small pinch of cayenne pepper, tablespoon of turmeric, teaspoon of clove, a knuckle sized piece of ginger.
  • 1 large lemon, rolled and juiced
  • Honey to taste

Boil the water, remove from the heat, and add the sachet or loose ingredients. Allow to steep for at least 20 minutes. Remove the sachet, or drain the ingredients out. Add the lemon juice and the honey, and let nature take its course.

Quick Tree Breakdown

Willow bark contains salicin. This ingredient acts like aspirin and aids in pain relief, from a headache, menstrual pain and gout.

Cedar bark is a good additive to tea to assist in breaking down congestion from a cold. It aids in fighting the flu and to treat a fever.

Birch leaves are ideal for brewing into a tea. Allow the leaves too steep for at least 20-30 minutes. This will assist with kidney and bladder aliments. It will reduce ulcers in the mouth, and used as a liquid to make oatmeal, you can apply it as a poultice to rashes or psoriasis.

I met an old roughneck years ago when we first started work on our cabin, he told us about the wonder of elm bark. Used in a poultice it can aid to heal gunshot wounds. Consumed it offers a high amount of calcium which is beneficial in healing bone injuries. It is also touted for its offerings to the bowels and urinary maladies.

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