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Emergency Food Supply

Emergency Food Supply

By Ashley

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Sep 1st, 2017

If you are a Doomsday prepper, survivalist, camping enthusiast, or just a human being on planet Earth, there are certain situations you must be prepared for . Whether it be the uncertainty of an impending nuclear attack or server weather that can cause massive power outages. Now more than ever these items are a must have. So be sure to add food supply to your prep list.

Not just any food will do, after all you will likely need these in an emergency. Which we hope will never come…but lets be realistic. Most common food items may expire quickly or require a good amount of preparation.

Canned goods can be very good in a bad situation. The pros for these are they they tend to have expiration dates that last about 2-5 years from their manufacture date. They usually are already cooked products because of their canning process, so you can eat them right away if need be. These food products also have water weight, which means in a pinch you can drink it. Cons are at the same time they have water weight, they will be heavy and bulky to carry especially if your bug out bag is already full. If you have a bug in homestead it would be a good idea to stock up on these. Be sure to keep them in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight and anything that produces heat(appliances or furnace). Temperatures between 50-80 degrees are best. At 85+ degrees the containers will be compromised and the risk of spoilage will increase. Most cans are made from steel so it is very important to keep them dry. Any moisture can cause rust which can seep into the food and be very unsafe for consumption.

Dehydrated and freeze dried foods would be preferable to have on hand. Pros are there is no need for refrigeration, good thing if you have no electricity. Most of these products come in individually wrapped airtight pouches. The only preparation they will need is a fire source to boil water. That’s right just add water. While adding boiling water is best to speed up the reconstitution process, it is not required. Any water temperature will work. So if you happen to find yourself in a particular situation and don’t have the means to make a fire you will still be able to eat. So whether your planning on being a lone wolf or you have a family to care for, you can pick an individual or family size supply specific to your needs. If you only need a few pouches to add to your already prepped bug out bag, you can pick individual entrees or choose a bucket supply with multiple entrees included. In a dire situation the bucket could come in handy for many uses such as a water bucket or rain catcher. Most freeze dried and dehydrated food pouches are said to last for 2-25 years. If you do not have a large supply of water on hand no worries each pouch only needs about one cup of water. Cons you have to use your water. This may be a big problem if it is in short supply. You should not eat these products without reconstituting them, it will cause you to dehydrate. Ideal storage for these are temperatures between 50-65. Anything much higher will jeopardize the contents. Keep in cool dry environment.

These two products are the best to have in case of an emergency. They both have very long expiration dates under the right conditions and involve very little if any preparation. If you are not sure which to choose from most companies will send you free samples. Take your pick and start stocking up you wont regret it.

Peace be with you .

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