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Pest Control with Natural Pest Repellents

By Ashley

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Aug 18th, 2017

Pest invading your garden can destroy your crops and fast. You always have to stay on top of keeping these insects and critters at bay. If you are a homesteader your garden is likely for your consumption and for others it is there livelihood. A lot of store bought pest repellents  can be dangerous to you and the earth. So instead of store bought pest control, I would recommend using these home made pest repellents. They are all nature and you most likely already have the ingredient in the cabinet. No need to break the bank with supplies you may have on hand.

Before use with any of these recipes you should investigate what exactly is causing the problem. There are beneficial bugs that you do not want to get rid of. They help with pollinating your plants and some will even eat or kill harmful pest. So identify which bugs you want around and which ones you don’t . Also always test a small area of your plant with any repellents, wait a few days to insure they do not do any damage, then when your in the clear spray away. Never use any bleach or bleach based products.

For Aphids, Spider mites or similar insects uses this recipe. Mix one tablespoon of dish soap with one cup of cooking oil. Add four teaspoons of this mixture to one pint of water. Pour into a spray bottle and shake. Be sure to spray both sides of leaves.

If the problem isn’t pests but Mildew or fugus, here is a remedy for that. One gallon of water, one teaspoon of dish soap and three tablespoons of baking soda. stir and pour in spray bottle. You should only need one application every one or two weeks.

Slugs or snails got your goat? Try glueing pennies down around your garden. These pest will not cross copper because it is toxic to them and when their bodies make contact with this material it gives them a shock.If you try this method make sure to use pennies made in 1983 or before, later ones are made with mostly zinc and will not have the same effect. Try copper tape as well.

Used coffee grounds, we all usually have them. Don’t just throw them out, sprinkle in and around your garden. Many insects and critters do not like these. To ants the are fatal. If the problem is animals like racoons, squirrels or deer, try sprinkling cayenne pepper on damp leaves of the plant or use a spray instead. Combine two tablespoons of red pepper powder with one gallon warm water and about five drops of dish soap. Cover, let sit out on counter over night. Pour into spray bottle and shake. Coat evenly in the morning or at sunset. Never use these kinds of products on days that are to hot, at or above 80 degrees. It can burn your plants. Keep remaining liquid in refrigerator for up to two weeks.

I hope these will help anyone who is constantly having to deal with this issue. Never use antibacterial of fragrance soaps with any of these mixtures. I highly recommend you research and test your plants before use of these recipes, for some crops they can be helpful for others they can be harmful under the wrong circumstances . So always do your research . Good luck.

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