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Homestead Garden

Best Vegetables for a Homestead Garden

By Ashley

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Aug 25th, 2017

So if you haven’t started to prep for next next years homestead garden, now would be the time to get to it. Seeds should be on clearance or discounted here in August and can be frozen or refrigerated to for next year. Remember is it best to buy heirloom seeds so you can reuse the seeds from the plants for next year. If you are having trouble deciding which seeds to buy here are some of the easiest vegetables to start off with. For one thing I would recommend starting with seeds. They are much cheaper, you will have a bigger variety to choose from and you will get more bang for your buck. Usually seeds will start off with a healthier life as appose to store bought plants that have been sitting on a shelf for a while. Be sure to check which kind of soil you will need for each crop. Some require different PH levels.

  • Lettuce: Grows quickly and takes up very little space. As long as soil is kept moist you will be able to pick salads year round. Also very easy to harvest.
  • Tomatoes: These are very versatile . They can grow in a bed, hanging baskets and most potting containers. Make sure they can get lots of sun and they will do great. For easier variety to grow try looking for “Patio” types.
  • Radishes: Normally only take roughly about twenty days to reach full size. besides being fast growers, all they really need is to be in at least six inches of well watered soil. That’s it.
  • Carrots: With well drained soil and enough space between plants, you should come out with a healthy crop. There are all sorts of carrots out there so bring a bit of color to your garden with purple or yellow varieties.
  • Beans: There are multiple plants to choose from with beans. Bush beans will support themselves were as others will need a pole to grow on. So pick the right type for your garden.
  • Potatoes: Who doesn’t want lots and lots of these guys around? They will store well when kept cool. You can also choose to plant a whole or cut section of a potato . Great for any meal…or every meal.
  • Onions: pick up a multi pack to have many different types of onions for your homestead. Can be grown easily in certain containers or in your soil bed. Good thing with these is even if your bulbs don’t turn out you can still eat the greens from them.
  • Cucumbers: Thrive in hot weather with lots of watering. the vine variety usually yields more fruit. They will grow fat with out much care.

So there are the simplest veggies to start or add to your homestead garden. Do a little digging to check what soil you will need for each plant. Best times to plant, and best pairing ideas. I would recommend The Farmers Almanac, just pick it up on Amazon. It has everything you need to know. You can buy a variety of heirloom seeds from the last minute prepper store. Enjoy your own healthy home grown food.

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