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Winter Car Survival Kit

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Dec 30th, 2015

Be prepared for the unexpected, a emergency winter car survival kit can save your life if you get stranded out in the middle of nowhere or even on the highway for days as many were in Atlanta in the winter of 2014. Having a kit in the back of your car acts as a rudimentary form of life insurance and can help you beat the odds and survive until help can arrive.


Dry Snack Food – Candy Bars, Granola/Protein Bars
Dehydrated Food – Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, MRE’s
Water – A couple Gallon Jugs, or canned water
Steal Canteen, and canteen cup for water collection
Water filter
Canned Heat
Eating Utensils
Cheap Saucepan – For heating water


Hat, Socks, Gloves, Snow gear, boots
Rain Poncho
Hot Hands hand warmers, candles
Warm Blanket, Sleeping Bag, thermal blanket
waterproof Matches
Multi Tool
Pocket Knife
Duct Tape
Flashlight or head lamp
Reflective Tape
First Aid Kit
Booster Cables
Tow Rope
Folding Shovel, biolite camping stove
Items to Use for traction — Kitty Litter, salt, newspaper
Dry Gas Fuel Additive


Emergency phone – Fully Charged
A means to recharge your phone
Biolite Campstove
Solar Charger
Backup battery
Battery Radio
Paper + Writing Utensil

It is advised that everything be stored in the backseat instead of the trunk. .The truck may not be accessible depending on the weather, injury or an accident that damages your car. Depending on the circumstances staying put may be your best option. However if there is reason to believe that you need to find help. It is best to use your vehicle as shelter during the night, only venture away from it during daylight. If you do abandon the vehicle make sure to write down your name, age, address and a brief note detailing your situation and the direction you traveled, leave the note in the windshield on the driver’s side.

Personally I like to add in to the pack a Henry Survival Rifle in 22 long rifle caliber. It breaks down nicely into it’s buttstock and is waterproof. It’s a great firearm that can be used to hunt small game in a survival situation or fire 3 distress shots to call for help.

With any luck you will not need half the items in your emergency kit, however it is better to be prepared and ready for any survival situation rather than unprepared with no backup plan. If you are traveling through an unknown area it is wise to let friends or family know where you are going, that way if you are MIA for a unusual length of time then they will know where to direct search efforts.

Emergency kits can be purchased online, but they are missing out on some items. In building your own you know exactly what you are putting inside and how you are going to utilize it to survive. The pre crafted kits run anywhere between $80-$200, so it is definitely cheaper to build your own with items that you trust.

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