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Mental Preparedness

By tracyclocks

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Mar 11th, 2015

There is a distinct difference between a prepping mindset and survival mindset. Prepping is more about being frugal, gathering materials, knowledge and skills to have on hand when SHTF. Survival is a distinct mindset geared at getting through a certain situation. If you find yourself in a life or death situation completely unprepared, what do you do?

How do you think people are able to survive plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and make it back to civilization safely? It is not because of their immense knowledge of survival skills, because suburban housewives have managed to do so. It is their all or nothing mindset, conditioning the mind and body to survive.

Much like building physical strength mental strength takes time. Mental imaging is the technique of, you guessed it picturing something you want in your mind. This something can be a event, a person or anything else that compels you to beat all odds and succeed no matter what is thrown at you. In a military sense it could be all of your men going home safely and returning home to their families. It could be seeing your young child grow into a healthy and happy adult, or tasting your favorite meal once again. Whatever it is your mental image needs to mean something significant to you. When you face trouble close your eyes and view this image and it will give your reason to continue on.

Another method used by military men is that of imagining a scenario before it occurs. Those who are headed to the battlefield for the first time imagine what it is going to be like. The sights of blood and fallen friends, the smell of lead and dirt on their hands, the feeling of a exhausted body plowing along in wet boots. Imagine the worst of the worst, so that you can downplay the scenarios you personally face. By having a detailed visualization of the scenarios you may face, the thought imitates that of a memory since it is full of such vivid detail. So when you think of this the mind almost believes that you have experienced it before, therefore giving you mental superiority over the situation. It is all about remaining calm and focused when facing conflict.

Situational awareness is another skill that can be practiced anywhere. Implementing systems into your consciousness such as Cooper’s Colors can prepare you for both recognizing and solving problems. Being aware of your surroundings is just a good habit, keeping an eye out for danger and establishing a plan of action is essential to surviving in any emergency. The first step is eliminating distraction, so when out in public keep your phone in your pocket and avoid trying to preoccupy your mind. A easy way to incorporate this skill is to play people watching games.

Wherever you may find yourself be aware of the people that surround you. Whether you are driving around town, walking to your car, watching the game at the stadium or standing in line at the bank. Try imagining what each person is thinking and what is there purpose for being there. If all of a sudden SHTF what would you do? Where is the nearest exit? What if it is blocked? Where can you get a weapon quickly? how might the people around you react?

Keeping your mind prepared and in a constant state of awareness is just as important as keeping your body fit. Creativity is important in surviving, utilizing whatever you may have on or around you to survive. The more creative you are the better your chances of survival, so continue to gain knowledge and skills that will expand the capability of your creativity. The mind is the tool of survival that is often overlooked and unprepared, so make no mistake and get it geared for survival.

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