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Self Defense

Brutal Self Defense Moves that will Save Your Life even if you aren’t Trained to Fight.

By tracyclocks

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Dec 24th, 2014

Human history shows that we are violent by nature especially when you look at such incidents of civil unrest as Hurricane Katrina, the LA Riots, the Ferguson Riots, and any other instance of natural disaster or social chaos. Even if you try to avoid trouble sometimes it finds you. It is important to know how to defend yourself even if you have no such training. There are two types of fighting, that of sport and survival. In survival there are no rules and no points, you must not give up and do whatever it takes to survive. The following tips are considered “Dirty” in a civilized society, so use your judgement to whether they are appropriate steps to take in a confrontation that isn’t life threatening. Keep in mind that any avenues to avoid a fight should be exhausted before initiating a scuffle. Trust your fight or flight instinct.

Self Defense Mindset

If you aren’t a trained fighter, then your best mindset is to assume the other person is. They are stronger than you, more well trained, and have far greater endurance than you do. For this reason you have to make every attack count and use surprise or sheer brutality to your advantage. This animal like brutality will throw someone off guard as many trained fighters aren’t mentally willing to go there. This means maximize the damage so they can’t follow you and then get out of the situation.

Knees and Lower Body

One of the best places to attack someone is the lower body. A lot of the general population you may face are in more of a boxing mindset. They know how to block and punch to the upper body and are far more ready to defend such an attack. For this reason the best bar none attack is a kick to the side of the knee. Most people won’t know how to defend it and it only takes 45lbs of pressure from the side to break it. A forward and downward kick to the front of the knee can also break it with a little more pressure, however from the back of the knee you will simply buckle the leg with no real damage. If you take out their knee they cannot chase you and will be in immense pain.

Groin attack on men are very effective as the area is extremely sensitive. A quick flick of the hand, kinda like shaking water off of them, to the groin can cause the target to double over in pain. The same can be done with a quick snap kick too. You don’t want to flat out punch or kick the area as it won’t have as much pain associated as the quick sharp hit. This attack can slow down the aggressor and should be used with another move to disable the attacker as they can recover quickly from this. If they double over a knee to their nose or clapping your cupped hands over their ears will end the fight.

Head Strikes

The ears can be pulled on and teared at or boxed with the hands much like two cymbals coming together, the attack can blow the ear drums, cause massive pain and general confusion. A strike to the ears in with cupped hands also has the benefit of throwing off their equilibrium and if done right result in the target throwing up and on the ground unable to pursue you.

The nose of course can be punched, but the more effective technique is to thrust the base of your palm upwards to the base of the nose, this attack contrary to popular belief will be very painful for the receiver, with lots of blood, a broken nose, possibly a knockout, but a very little chance instantaneous death. Generally breaking the nose results in in swelling and tearing up in the eyes. This makes it hard for an attacker to follow you. Plus it will bleed a lot so this can take the fight out of someone just from the shock of seeing so much blood.

The eyes can be gouged by grabbing the back of the attackers head and going in with thumbs, reaching for the corner of the eye sockets. Anything you may have around you such as dirt and sand, change in your pockets, or harsh liquids like alcohol, fuel or cleaning products can be thrown into the face, causing temporary blindness and buying time to finish them off or get out of the area. If they can’t see they can’t defend.

When striking at the face or head, upward jabs to the chin are very effective. Hitting the trachea with your fingertips in a forward strike will cause temporary breathing problems and immobilize the receiver for a short time. Punching at the inside of the neck, particularly near the jugular vein can cause temporary loss of blood flow and dizziness or unconsciousness.

The human collarbone only takes seven pounds of pressure to break, a well placed strike will cause extreme pain and the immobilization of the arm, thus weakening their defenses significantly.

When fighting it is important to use the avenues of greatest power such as knees and elbows in addition to the fists and kicks. The likelihood of causing self injury by using elbows and knees are far less due to the the increased support and structure of the joints. The main priority when fighting should be self protection followed by subduing your opponent, not the other way around.

These Fighting techniques should be executed with quick and clean strikes, preferably from a standing position, that way you have the most control over your own body and can create space between you and your opponent. Maintaining space is of vast importance in keeping control of the fight, strikes should only be made when the opportunity presents itself to catch your opponent off guard. Many fighters these days are skilled in ground fighting and allowing them to get close gives them an advantage over you as once you are on the ground you will have problems defending yourself. If someone attempts to “shoot in on you” and grapple your legs with all your might immediately knee them to the nose or punch the base of their skull where the spinal cord connects. A ground fight is not something you want to get into if you aren’t a skilled wrestler or MMA fighter.

For self defense you should always keep your hands and arms up to protect your face and chest. Some people like a boxer stance, which is good when the fight has already started. I like a thinker stance. I will cross my left arm over my midsection palm facing down. Then put my right elbow on top of the back of my left hand and then put my right hand up at my chin as though I am considering something or messing with a beard. This allows me to quickly sweep the lower hand downward to deflect a low strike and my top arm side to side to deflect a high strike. The key advantage to this is you haven’t declared to the attacker that you are going to fight back. Which gives you an element of surprise. Maintain a firm solid stance when attacking or defending and keep your balance.

Weapons are good and bad. Remember any weapon you take into a fight and aren’t ready to use is something you are giving your enemy to use on you. If you have a weapon use it but know you are upping the enemies fight mindset to a life or death situation. If the enemy wasn’t thinking life or death they are now. Remember weapons are meant to be felt not seen. Concealment until striking is best. Also anything in your pockets or surroundings can be a weapon use it. If you choose to carry a firearm always try to position your body so your non-draw hand is between your attacker and your firearm. Remember a “Gun Fight” is a Fight first and gun second. So treat the gun as an extension of your body and a tool to use in the fight. Not your only weapon, you have your mind, and body to use first and foremost.

Before the fight mentally get yourself ready to do whatever it takes to win. Imagine that if the person wins they are going to take your wallet visit your house and harm your family. Do whatever it takes to stop them. Focus on the fight and doing damage but not solely on the outcome. If rule of law is still in place you will have to answer in court for what you do. It will be costly no matter what. For that reason it is best to do only as much as you need to in order to stop the fight. Otherwise it might be considered “Excessive force” unless you can prove you were afraid for you life to a jury. Your size, ability to fight and if you were armed or not will all factor in to the outcome. What truly wins a fight is your mindset and ability to think. How far will you allow yourself to go to survive. If you have to bite their ear off Mike Tyson style, then do it. My personal rule is not to fight unless it’s a situation that warrants that sort of brutality. Otherwise a little humiliation, or name calling is nothing let it go. If you must apologize even if you were in the right.

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