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My Ebola Pandemic Survival Plan by Last Minute Prepper

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Oct 15th, 2014
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While we are being told to not worry about Ebola it is looking more and more like it will be difficult to contain and prevent from reaching every state in the USA. This has prompted me to draft up and share my Ebola pandemic survival plan as to how I will survive an Ebola pandemic in the United States. I wanted to share this with you so my ideas might help you with your own plan and so other might share their thoughts or insights to help me improve my own. I welcome any ideas or comments on twitter @lastminuteprepp. In a past article I wrote about the facts you need to know about Ebola. This time we are going to look at an actual plan as the situation deteriorates.

Increase your chance of survival, if you have the means…

If you have the means to move out of a major city I advise you start working on that now. While it’s not for sure this will become a pandemic you will greatly improve your odds by doing this and it tends to take time to move. Also you should start taking steps now to improve your health and fitness both through exercise and diet. The stronger you are the better your chance your body can fend off ebola and survive. Historically speaking those who survive

What stage are you now?

I look at my changes in action as stages. As the virus spreads I would follow the actions and mentalities listed below. Generally most of the USA is at stage 1 right now as of 10/15/2014. However if you live in a potential hot zone area such as the following you may want to up yourself to stage 2. If there is a confirmed patient in your state or city look at stage 3 or 4. The following are what I would consider hot zones and you should elevate your plan even if nothing is there yet.

Potential Ebola Hot zones

Potential ebola hot zones are places where there is a high traffic of people through them. Each person you are around or come in contact with is an increased risk of ebola. The people that live there at this time are not the problem. It’s the travelers that come and go you have to worry about.

  • International Transport hubs (Airports, docks, etc)
  • Major Transportation Hubs (Bus depots, package delivery, airports, etc)
  • Along the border or a relocation spot for Illegals.
  • Major City (New York, LA, Chicago, Detroit, miami, etc)
  • Tourist Destination

Overview of Ebola Pandemic Survival plan:

This plan will start with stocking up and be ready to close your house off for a number of months to limit exposure until the initial mass outbreak settles down. Avoid having it interact with people or going out for supplies and weather it out at home. If contact can’t be avoided you will want to take every precaution you can to avoid exposure. Remember these stages are all a judgement call you will need to decide for yourself the situation based off the information you have.

Stage 1: Situational Awareness and Preparation

Unless you are in a potential ebola hot zone, awareness and preparedness are the main idea at this point in the game right now. You should be monitoring the news in the surrounding areas to look for any signs that ebola is on it’s way. Either a rapid spread across the USA or cases popping up close to you. Stock up on supplies that will allow you to shut your house’s doors and not need to open them for 6 months.

Stock up on Essentials: This means water, bulk foods, Long Term Food, Medicine, First Aid, Etc. Don’t forget about pet food. Also consider picking up some good pick me ups for later like Chocolate, coffee, etc.

Buy Protection Gear and Sanitation: You should also buy up sanitation supplies like bleach and protective gear that should you have to risk contact with others you can protect yourself and family. This protective gear will become scarce later on so get it now.

Stock up on vitamins, minerals, and colloidal silver (CS). The key to beating Ebola should you contract it is your own immune system. Most of the experimental drugs like zmapp work to boost the immune systems or add antibodies. It can’t hurt to boost your immune system with vitamins and minerals. I would also pick up some colloidal silver. Many swear by it’s anti-microbial properties and some even suggest it has been used on Ebola in studies by the DOD with some success. I have only used it once in the past so I can’t speculate on this other than it’s worth a try if you are infected. Keep in mind the when buying colloidal silver liquid you will want to look at the PPM rating. The higher the rating the higher the CS content percentage wise. To put this into perspective 10,000 PPM = 1% CS content. Getting something that is 500 PPM is strong stuff. The stronger it is the more costly it is.

Prepper Financial Planning

Setup financial plans to survive to be able to stay home and still pay the bills. Drop unneeded services or purchases to save some additional money. Start building up a enough money to last for months without any income. Look into your company’s policies about remote working and see if you can start getting to work from home one day a week to get them ready for when you request working from home all the time. Make sure to show more significant performance from home then at work to get their blessing to work from home. Setup teleconference software to have remote meetings and find every way possible to stay home. Look into extended leave options at your work or save up your vacation time to try and soften the an extended absence.

Continue going about your typical day and just be mindful. Wash your hands and start paying attention to where if there was a viral outbreak you might be susceptible. Look for creative way to stay at home and still get everything you need.

Stage 2: Ebola Rapidly Spreading across the USA / Hot Zone

It’s important to notice when Ebola starts spreading across state lines. The more states Ebola is in the more chance it will spread or become a pandemic. At this stage your focus will be to change your behaviors some. Start avoiding public gatherings such as Sporting events, concerts, movie theaters, Mass transit, or anywhere there are large numbers of people. The more people the higher the probability someone is infected. I personally don’t fly as protest to the TSA and other liberties we are losing for false safety. However by this point I would advise you do the same.

You should continue to prep for when it reaches your area and becoming a shut in. Be sanitary and wash after touching anything out in the world. I highly recommend carrying and stocking up on Hand Sanitizer with 60% alcohol content or greater. Start using these frequently.

Stage 3: Ebola in my State

Once Ebola is in your state you should be nearing your prepping goals to become a shut in. Start prioritizing any remaining preps and speed up your collection. The key changes to behavior should be to avoid public bathrooms, or making contact with people. Hand shakes are a no-no. You should sanitary habits to a germaphobe level. It might make sense to start using gloves all way when out and about. Remember gloves don’t help if you then go and touch open skin with the gloves on. Start restricting your movement to only the places you absolutely have to go to. This might mean work, however if a corporate environment with a lot of people it might be good to avoid to start working from home if the option is available. Start transitioning to a ready to stay home mode.

Consider switching to mail order of most everything. Have your prescriptions delivered by mail and look at Amazon prime as a way to cheaply buy some groceries or needed items and save on free 2-day shipping and get instant movies to watch. Consider switching your kids to “home school” or start finding way to bring your whole family home. Prepare to combat boredom and have activities planned to try and bring the family together in the crisis. Start setting up a quarantine zone in your garage or an area of the house where people can be isolated for observation.

Stage 4: Ebola in my city

This is where the doors close and you watch from a distance what is happening around you. Some people might start this phase on the first person diagnosed. Others might wait for a dozen people to make sure it is out of control. You don’t want to be too early and waste valuable supplies or too late and contract the disease. At this point I would recommend using the quarantine zone in the garage or a sectioned off room. If for some reason someone had to go out it is best that they do not come right back into the group quarantine them for 22 days to make sure they aren’t sick before accepting them or their supplies.

All new supplied should be whipped down with bleach to kill anything that might be on them. Direct sunlight will supposedly also kill ebola but it can take 10-15 days to die. Compared to the 24 hours it takes for sun to kill the flu.

Assume everyone and everything is infected and be cautious. If you have to leave I would recommend using a protective suit and protective gloves.

Stage 5: Pandemic

At this point the disease is out of control. It is everywhere and people are rapidly contracting it. This is where you stay inside and sling your carbine and handgun day and night. Don’t allow anyone in no matter what. Be nice unless they try to force entry. Make sure things have gone bat shit crazy before you use lethal force or you might end up in a jail cell which is exactly where you don’t want to be. Consider putting a Quarantine sign on your doors to prevent people from trying to enter. Remember that if forced to defend yourself the blood or a body could be a carrier. Your best bet is to stay inside and away. You should be conserving your supplies as much as possible to stay inside as long as possible. Avoid risky behavior as you can’t seek a Dr’s care. That includes pregnancy, as much as bone breaks or infections. At this point you are waiting for a massive die off or a vaccine. There will be a decay in the number of people infected as time goes on. In human history the black plagues killed of 30% of the population and lasted about 4 years. Additional outbreaks continued afterwards. As time goes on from the initial flare up the chance of contracting the illness will go down.


Avoidance is the best policy to survive this. Minimal contact with other people. Keep your immune system strong and say healthy. Start working out how to continue to live as a shut in for a number of months. Ebola is certainly one of the most dangerous viruses in modern history. You will want your immune system in tip top shape to survive contact. You won’t be able to shut in the entire time that Ebola will be spreading, but the longer you are able to rid it out inside the better. If you have any thoughts or ideas to share please join the conversation on twitter #LMPEbola or contact me at @lastminuterprepp all ideas welcome.

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