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How to find .22LR Ammunition for sale during the Ammo Shortage of 2014

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Mar 12th, 2014

Unfortunately the ammo shortage of 2013 has continued into the new year. As it stand there is no end in sight the demand simply exceeds the supply. As a result something that use to cost .02 per round now averages 0.17 to 0.20 at this time. Finding it for less has become the target of interest by many shooters. In the past article “10 Reasons Why .22Lr Ammo Is So Hard To Find During The 2014 Ammo Shortage” I discussed why people want .22 Long Rifle ammo so bad. This article is going to reveal ways to get your hands on the ammo when every time you visit walmart it’s sold out. Note that these tips will take effort, time and money ready for the moment it’s available, any hesitation and you will fail to get it. The typical .22LR ammo at or below $0.10 a round will last on average 30 minutes when it shows up online.  So lets get to the tips I have to share.


Do you have any major retailers on your area? Key ones to consider for this are Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain, and Cabelas. They have a wonderful feature where you can buy online and pick up at the store. This is a key thing. When Cabelas lists a 50 round box of .22LR for $3 it doesn’t make sense to then pay $8 in shipping. However if you use the site to store feature you can pick it up later. So instead of paying shipping you will be paying tax. So that is how you ship it. Your next factor is how to know it is there. Luckily there are sights like SlickGuns where people post the latest gun deals in the past 24 hours. There are people paying close attention to cabelas and listing it the moment it shows up. Sometimes Gander mountain and Bass pro shop, however the other two don’t show up as quickly. So one key element is to monitor the site frequently. I’ve had a lot of luck checking at around 6AM EST, 11AM, 3PM, 6pm and 9pm. For gander mountain most new ammo shows up between 12 and 1AM EST. Bass pro shop I haven’t monitored so if you have one close by you will need to pay attention to trends as you go to know timing. An Alternative to manually monitoring is to download a RSS reader app like Newsify. This allows your phone to do the work and update you with your findings. However this only checks every 15 minutes at best. Once the ammo shows up buy it.


Walmart Availability Lookup

When you search walmart for ammo you will find it listed. Inside a specific listing you will see “Store information not available.” Walmart disabled a check for availability on ammo on their web site. However they did it through hiding it using something call Stylesheets. It basically makes it look like it’s gone but it’s still there hiding in the code. With a simple Walmart ammo hack you can find out where nearby the ammo is available. Don’t worry this isn’t a true hack it’s perfectly legal It’s just telling your browser to show the site differently.

In a browser like chrome you are able to right click “Store Information not available”, select “inspect element”  look for a place in the code where there is a div that has ID=”STORE_MSG”. Click that line of code and then on the right side you will see the following stylesheet details {
display: none;

You can then uncheck display:none. This will make the availability link appear on the screen. Click it and you will be able to find that type of ammo close by. It’s a little time consuming to check all the ammo brands but its faster then driving everywhere. Here is a youtube video showing how this works.




Unfortunately when the above tricks fail you are out of options for paying MSRP for the ammo rather then higher prices. So your next best place is to watch armslist. This is a local gun classifieds site. People will list the ammo on here from time to time. Generally it is inflated in price but from time to time you find something reasonable. Since there isn’t shipping involved this is a decent way to go and can keep the cost per round down compared to internet purchases.

Ammo Availability and Pricing Sites

The next isn’t as cheap as previous options. You can use Ammo Price and Availability sites like those listed below. It will require you to pay shipping and the prices are more inflated. However sometimes it points you to some good deals. Be ready to buy in quantity where available to keep the cost per round down due to shipping.



Gunbroker is another place you can look. It’s like an ebay for guns and ammo. As a result you will be paying whatever the market is willing to pay. So this could be the most expensive option. However a couple good buy it nows and you can get some ammo.


These are the tricks I have on how to find .22LR ammo in the ammo shortage of 2014. I wish you luck as you try to add to your stash.



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  1. GM says:

    Did the Walmart thing and it worked great. I found several stores with available stock and now I need to go visit them. Hope their database is correct.

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