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Economy and Government Debt most likely cause for WROL.

By lastminuteprepper

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Oct 23rd, 2013
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Most preppers are acutely aware of what is happening with the government and the economy. I saw some scary statistics the other day about labor and joblessness that I want to. Did you know 90 million working age Americans have given up on finding a job according to the bureau of labor statistics. So when you hear that 7.2% are unemployed that doesn’t include the 90 million who have given up trying to find a job.  The 7.2% are still trying but not having any luck. To put this into perspective there are 319 million Americans total, including children and retired folk. That’s approximately 112 million. The statistic says 1 in 3 people in the USA are not working or 33%.

So how are they surviving? First is friends and family. Some may be surviving by the help from their loved ones. This puts extra economic strain on the people who do have jobs. I know I’ve taken in family members myself in the past. These families have less money to put into the economy outside of base needs as a result. After that its government assistances like Well-fare, unemployment, workers comp and social security. These are putting extra strain on the government and the assistances it provides people. In small doses our population can prop up people who have fallen on hard times. However such a startling number is likely to bring serious strain to the system which is evident in the debt, and non-balanced budgets statewide.

A lot of this joblessness comes from a shift to globalism and a global business economy. Many jobs have left the USA for good as labor here is far more expensive then developing worlds. They may return when those economies either rise up to our income level, or we fall down to theirs. For now the cost of labor is too high in America to compete. The highest cause for that when you talk to business owners is health care. That is one of the most expensive aspects of employment that an employer covers. I am completely against Obamacare and its treat to our freedom and free market economy. However the truth is health care as an issue needs to be dealt with to help unstick the economy. A better approach needs to be done with more carrot and less stick. I like many Americans feel like a piñata and Obamacare the stick. The first place to fix the system is in the courts. Medical malpractice lawsuits have greatly increased the cost of health care. Create a panel of highly trained doctors with a couple lawyers on it who pretrial all medical mal practice lawsuits to see if they are worthy or frivolous. People need to realize that in the attempts to help people sometimes things go wrong. There are risks with life and you have to accept them with your choices, not pass the buck to others. Then start making people more aware of the actual cost of procedures instead of the “well insurance will cover it so give me your finest wine and keep it coming!” mentality we all have. Anyway I digress.

So with Jobs leaving and so many unemployed the economy is in a bad state. People and their own personally finances are weak with the dollar buying farless then it use to. To make matters worse the government is in a bad place. With the massive uncontrolled expenditures and rapidly accumulated debt a government shutdown was recently lifted along with the debt ceiling. A few very interesting things happened that should be telling. China was very vocal about how we “had to increase our barrowing” to prevent default and it was our duty, as well pushing for a global shift away from US dollars. This is where you can see the future weakening in the US dollar and our buying power. Right now china holds a large portion of our debt. Would they go to war over it? Maybe not, but they can certainly help to ruin our country through the economic war.

When I look at the news right now I see a slowed decay. During the early part of the “Great recession” we were told “Move along people nothing to see here” and even now facts and figures are being distorted to paint a somewhat rosy picture of slow improvement. Or that the jobless rate is stalled at .2%. However in actuality the decay is continuing in a slow and hidden manner. The meaningful actions that are needed to make real change are not happening. The entitlement programs that are currently happening should be redirected to public work programs like repairing infrastructure. Improve the power grid, or highways. This will get people back to work and create jobs. People will go back to a “I have to work to make money” attitude rather than “I can sit at home and collect a check from the mail” mentality that is rapidly being adopted. Repeal obamacare which has already claimed many jobs as corporations scramble to save whatever profits they have by firing people or reducing hours. Most importantly become better managers of America’s money and forget the pork barrel crap. I fear if our mindsets don’t change the next act in this play will be the start of WROL. I can’t say how long we have before this happens but I can say it’s very close.


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