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Packed and Ready to Go: A life Long Discipline

By lastminuteprepper

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Jul 21st, 2013

Is your bug out bag packed and ready to go? How about the rest of your life? At a moments notice can you change directions, go after a new job opportunity, invest in a great deal, or get out of dodge before your life is on the line?

Many preppers have the packed and ready to go mentality when it comes to their bug out bag knowing that time isn’t on their side when that decision needs to be made. Through out your life opportunity will show up unexpected with the car running and expect you to get in. Knowing yourself and what you want out of life will help you determine if it’s a yes or no. But is your life ready to get into that car with opportunity?

The best thing we can do as part of our prepping is to get our lives in order so not only to prepare for disaster but also opportunity. Doom and gloom holds many new preppers however the old preppers will say life goes on so keep living life and be ready. So what do want out of life should SHTF not happen or until it does? Do you have the readiness mindset to go after good opportunities in life? Here are some key areas to keep “ready to go.”

Bug Out Bag — This should be a give-in. Your bug out bag is really only going to be used in a disaster, when that happens you won’t have time to run through your home and put one together. Even if you do your frantic mind won’t think straight about what you need. You will probably find yourself with too much ammo, and no food. When you pack ahead of time you can better plan for contingencies and what you need to survive.

Resume, Portfolio, and Job Search Materials — You never know when either your job might suddenly end, or an opportunity to work in a “better” job will come along. Resumes, linkedin, portfolios and such take time to get ready. My grandfather always advised me in this area to have my bags packed and ready and to always keep an eye out on what jobs are out there. If you aren’t happy doing what you do for a living then this is advice goes double. Your unhappiness can get you fired, or at least be an indicator that you should be looking.

Finances — Do you have enough cash saved up to handle random incidents in life such as a car braking down, or maybe to be without work for a few months while you find a new job. Know you finances inside and out to know what you can and cannot actually do. Be creative here. If an opportunity appears that is too good to pass up then find a way. Knowing them intimately will allow you to adapt and overcome.

Reduce Possessions — Are their possessions in your house you don’t use, won’t use and are eating up space? Take the time and sell them. The money will do more for you then the items. Every item you keep is an extra burden and thing to maintain. If you are like me and living in the city but looking to the country, those items are things you will need to move and cost you money and energy to do such. For me these items were old hobbies that when I look at it realistically I won’t be coming back to. What are they for you?

Extra Food — Being a prepper this is a given, but even if you plan to bug out having more than 1 grocery trip worth of food is helpful. For instance in my life both my car and my wife’s cars broke down at the same time. Both with a $2000 repair bill. Not enough money available at that moment to fix them this meant bumming a ride for a couple weeks waiting for the repairs to be completed. This made transportation to work challenging enough let alone grocery shopping. Good thing we had extra because groceries became a matter of buying what you could when you could. Your ride stops at the gas station? Grab some food in there, etc.

Satisfied Mind — Johnny Cash sings the song “A Satisfied Mind” there is a lot of truth to it. In your life you should try to live it so your affairs are always cleaned up that if you didn’t wake up tomorrow the people around you aren’t left with a shit storm. Every night you should go to bed satisfied with your life and accomplishments, excited for the opportunity to do more. If not you need to reassess how you are living you life and find your way to this point. This will help bring peace into your world. Depending on your beliefs and faith this life is nothing more then something we are passing through to our next life, so don’t feel so attached or take it too serious. My grandparents who are still alive and in their 90s imparted this advice to me when it comes to surviving life – “Stop and laugh, life is actually very funny. You need a good sense of humor to make it through”. I don’t know how many times laughing has saved my sanity.

Apply the principle of keeping your bags packed to the rest of your life and see how it can help you get your affairs in order  and increase the quality of life and the ease of responding to life. Share your storied below about how this applied to your life and prep.



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