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Krinkov and PLR-16 for a truck rifle/pistol

By lastminuteprepper

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Jul 5th, 2013

If you haven’t seen them before the Krinkov and the PLR-16 are pistol versions of the AK47 and AR15 respectively. They use the same magazines and ammo, however they are very compact and registered with the ATF as pistols. This means for some it’s consider legal to conceal carry. However it doesn’t mean you won’t talk to the cops in a very tense manner or maybe even go to jail and court for it but “legally” you should be able to carry it. One of the parts of my bug out plan requires use of the car as far as it will take me. During that time there is a chance you will need to use a gun from inside the car. Now this would typically be the job for a pistol but it’s reasonable to say you might need a little more penetration. So for this reason I’m looking at putting a Krinkov into my plans. It makes sense that it’s a concealable rifle caliber weapon, that you can move in the car easier without stocks getting in the way.

Keep in mind a rifle with a shorter barrel like this will have less energy, and more noise then a longer one. This is because of less where the gases are pushing the bullet and more explosion of the gases as they leave the barrel. However because of the caliber, the bottle neck round design, etc the bullet will be far more penetrating then a typical pistol caliber. Also keep in mind that some of the guns like the Kal Tec Sub-2000 don’t make a pistol caliber bullet any more powerful/range then firing it out of a pistol. So I have seen some people talk about sharing caliber between their pistol and rifle which doesn’t really do much for you compared to just carrying the pistol. So these were some interesting firearms I wanted to mention in case they might fit into your prep.

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