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Quick Tip: Gorilla glue for the Sole

By lastminuteprepper

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May 7th, 2013

Consider throwing some gorilla glue into your bug out bag or at least as part of your homesteading plan. I have found it very useful in repairing things I considered beyond repair. This article will account my most recent use and what I have a pair of beat up slip on shoes with thick soles that I use when I’m out side working in the garden or doing yard work. These were put to outdoor duty once a small crack formed in the sole. Eventually that crack became a fissure and finally the sloe was essentially split in half. Now my first thought was “maybe I should buy a new pair of shoes and make my current ones outdoor duty.” That is of course a good option. However with frugality being a prepper trait I decided I would give gorilla glue a shot on the shoes. Low and behold it worked great and my shoes are back on outdoor duty like a champ.

I know duct tape is a common add for preppers in their bug out bags, but you should also consider some heavy duty multipurpose glue like gorilla glue. Imagine that pair of shoes was my last pair in the world. That would have been life saving. I have used this stuff on many occasions around the house from fixing the guts of a toilet, to building random widgets and tools from scrap. It is very strong and holds on really well.

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