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Scenario: World War 3 Begins

By lastminuteprepper

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Apr 20th, 2013

There is no doubt there will be a world war 3. The question is when and with who. Today’s economic climate across the world creates a lot of unrest that can quick turn into conflicts and then into wars. America has found it prudent to police the world and put our military in harm’s way all throughout the world. With that we have garnered a lot of resentment from other nations towards us. China has slowly bought our debt and our country’s businesses. As it stands right now North Korea has ripped up the armistice from the Korean War, moved missiles to their east coast and has threatened to send a nuclear missile at the USA. Iran and Syria are in chaos their people are rebelling against their leaders and it seems that Iran at least is working on nuclear weapons though claiming its nuclear ambitions are peaceful.

My guess if I were to create a march madness bracket for world war 3 it would go like this. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria  vs. the United States and it’s typical allies. There is some question as to if the Germans have it in them to start a third world war and with the economic troubles it’s possible but right now I can see the communist countries and the United States squaring off.  So what does this mean to you the prepper? How do you prep for a world war? First thing is to think about scenarios that can play out from a war.


The most basic aspect that all world wars can cause is rationing at home to put American industry into full swing for the war effort. During World War 2 supplies were in short demand, ammo, food, water, gas. The country began rationing all our civilian supplies. This meant you didn’t have the ability to travel when you wanted as they were limited to 3-4 gallons a week no matter how much you could afford to buy. In the same way clothing designers changed the styles of clothing to reduce the amount of cloth they needed. Anything using steel was non-existent. Steel had been shifted to making military vehicles and weapons. There are great sites out there that can show you a little more on the history of rationing, for instance this one.

For a prepper who has been at it for a while this shouldn’t be a very difficult time to survive. Long term food stores can help you eat a little better than most people if it comes to it. However the idea of being more frugal with your lifestyle is best during rationing as there is no idea when it will end or if the war comes to the homeland and your supplies are direr then. If WW2 was an indication here were the items rationed making sure to have these covered in your prep is important.

Tires, Cars, Bicycles, Gasoline, Fuel Oil & Kerosene, Solid Fuels, Stoves, Rubber Footwear, shoes, sugar, coffee, Processed Foods, Meats, canned fish, cheese, canned miles, fats, and typewriters.

Chemical & Nuclear Weapons

Unlike previous wars, today’s weapons technology makes it easy for a country to affect our homeland. During WW2 Japanese used balloon bombs to attack the USA since we are so far away and they had no way of reaching us without their navy. Now all it takes is ICBM missiles. Smaller countries don’t have this technology but China, Russia and other larger nations do. Such a missile can send dirty bombs our way. To prepare for this scenario follow my guide, how to survive a dirty bomb or nuclear attack? Making sure you aren’t located too close to strategic targets such as military complexes, big cities, large industry, etc will help reduce the chance an ICBM will be headed your way.

Mainland invasion

Movies like Red Dawn show us being invaded by way of commercial air craft. This is something that hasn’t happened since the revolutionary war days. While the logistics of a successful main land invasion would be near impossible, it’s still a consideration. The challenges an enemy would have to face is transporting their soldiers across the ocean. While China with all its people could easily walk all across Europe, how do you transport that many people to the US mainland? The ships being sent over could easily be destroyed and replacing them would be difficult. This is why a strong navy is important to our country. Though in recent times due to Obama’s Budget cut backs some navy ships have found it hard to fuel up let alone defend us at a moment’s notice. So with a weakened navy, a mix of cyber-attacks, and a small scale diversions let’s say it’s a possibility. In this scenario your supplies will come in handy as you will be forced to fight a guerrilla war for your freedom and your family. Having more ammo then you think any person could ever use will come in handy as well spare parts. You will need all the basics of prepping survival and some experience making improvised explosives or traps. You would rather setup ambushes then fight a conventional war for your freedom. Getting your hands on Military Field manuals and other books that can help you stage a guerrilla war against a mainland invader is important.



World war will happen again one day. As human nature dictates conflict is inevitable. The question is when and how. There are economic indicators that suggest we are on the verge of such a war. Some financial analysts believe it will happen by the end of 2013. However there is no guarantee. This scenario is similar to all other preparedness with the exception of chemical and nuclear preparedness being needed. In this the hardships will be across the country as rationing takes place. Based off your supply cache you will want to keep a low profile during rationing or you will be the target of looters, or government confiscation. As Einstein said “I don’t know what weapons they will use in world war 3 but world war 4 will be fought sticks and stones”

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