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Keep your Ammo Dry inside your Bug Out Bag

By lastminuteprepper

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Apr 14th, 2013

Wet ammo could be a life or death situation in a bug out bag. Most experienced shooters and preppers have their ammo put away in air tight Military ammo cans. This is great for a stationary prep where you don’t plan to be on the move, but in reality you may have to bug out. There is no way you are going to transport 10+ ammo cans with you. Sure you can put them into the car but they will only go as far as you make it before ditching the car either due to gas or looters. So you need to think mobility prioritize what would be left behind and what you would take and have a plan on how to protect your ammo from water. Here are a few ideas for you.

Dry Box loose rounds — They make what is called an Otterbox These are meant for people who kayak and have valuables they need to keep dry they float if you try and submerge them. The Otterbox 1000 in a great little device to store a small quantity of ammo. There are other dry box products out there you want to make sure they have an o-ring seal design. This is a rubber gasket that acts as a barrier for moisture. Through pressure applied between 2 piece such as a lid and it’s box. The MTM Forest Survivor Dry Box in my opinion is a little more useful then the Otterbox 1000 depending on the space you are working with. Personally this is my secondary solution. Something to handle loose ready to use rounds.

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum sealer — This was a cool concept when I found it. Vacuum sealing is something pretty common in food storage. It helps keep moisture and air out. So in day to day life it’s promoted as “keep food fresher longer!” For a prepper it’s a God send. While ziplock bag can do in a pinch to help keep moisture out, this is the ultimate solution. Take the FoodSaver bags fill it with loose ammo and then vacuum seal it. Then store it in your bug out bag or ammo cans. You can also take prefilled magazines and vacuum seal it to reduce moisture on those rounds. The sealed bag also makes all the round quite, compared to many boxes that could make noise as you move. this is a definite plus. Keep this trick in mind for food storage, medical supplied, or anything that needs a barrier between water or toxic air. It’s an $80 investment but worth every penny. You can buy the FoodSaver v2244 from amazon by clicking here.

Markron Bullet and primer sealer — This is another option, even if you aren’t into reloading you can take factory ammo and apply a bullet and primer sealer to them. This seals it so that water and moisture can’t get in. I would highly recommend doing this for the rounds in your bug out bag.

You might think the added cost of dry bullets isn’t worth it but if you think about it. First in a SHTF scenario every bullet will be gold in the new economy and every bullet is a chance to save you or a loved one’s life. Non-functioning rounds can cost you your life.

UPDATE 7/26/2013: I have been using the vacuum sealing method to great success, here are a few tips I have to make it more effective. First I recommend stripper clips for any and all ammo, you can create a much better brick of ammo that stores better. Second use Zip lock bags inside the vaccum seal bag. I take 2 Zip lock freezer bags (the heavy kind) with double locking zippers. Put one inside of the other then put the ammo in. I leave the bags open so the air can be sucked out easily and then vacuum seal the ammo with a label or cut out from the box. By doing this you take care of two things. Some pointed ammo after much rubbing with the vacuum sealed shell can cause a micro hole allowing air in. This prevents that. Second it gives you a zip lock bag for the ammo when you actually open it and use it. I recommend packaging higher caliber ammo in 50 rounds at a time. And .22 in 200 round packs. when it comes to stripper clips remember that 308 stripper clips work for 45acp. 9mm are hard to come by but not impossible. .223 and 7.62×39 are very easy to find.

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