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Is Hyperinflation and economic collapse starting? Rising prices, Ammo, gold and Silver shortages.

By lastminuteprepper

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Apr 28th, 2013

If you have been to the grocery store recently you have seen that price tag of goods you buy rise nearly 50% in the past 2-3 years. On top of that the amount of product you get for your money is about 20% less. This is an alarming sign that could be a sign that hyperinflation is on its way. However this isn’t the most alarming signs I see right now. First everyone is aware of the ammo shortages that are going around, but did you know there is a shortage of physical gold and silver? Currently refiners are working as hard as the ammo industry to try and meet demand. They have increased their shifts and working 24/7 to product gold and silver bullion.

However if you look at the precious metals market it will show record lows in the price but go to a coin dealer or elsewhere and the premiums you are paying to get the physical metal are at record highs. There are some the say the gold and silver market prices are being artificially deflated to try and make the dollar seem more valuable than it is. For instance you look at the silver prices and at the time of this article is down to $24 an ounce. However you go to ebay and you will see people willing to pay $40 an ounce. That’s a $16 above market value to obtain the metal.

Ammo, Guns/Parts, and Precious Metals are ones that are considered first to go in a hyperinflation as these will be the universal currencies in a collapse. After that you will start seeing a run on durable need to survive goods such as food, gas, or other goods to help them survive. When those dry up they will buy anything they can get with their money at whatever price. It doesn’t matter what, they just have a better chance trading the goods for something they need then using money. When this happens it’s already too late.

When I think about the current ammo I stop and think about the book Patriots and how in hyperinflation you will have some people who will think things will return to the way they were. And by the time they decide to act on stockpiling what they need to live it’s too late. Everything has been bought already. In all reality there is enough buying power throughout the United States that if this fear hits mainstream the time between being able to buy something and there being nothing on the shelves would be 1-3 days.

I let some solid words of my grandpa about financial investing guide me here. When the price is higher buy a little less when its lower buy a little more. In the end it’s about consistently investing. Setup a budget and slowly buy extra of what you need so you won’t be left out in the cold if we do hit hyperinflation. There is a lot of comfort in knowing you have supplies to survive for a number or months if something goes wrong and you can’t get supplies. Stay calm and be prepared.

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