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Why Gun Control is a Threat to your safety and Liberty

By lastminuteprepper

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Mar 5th, 2013

There are a lot of people who are anti-guns. They look at them simply as an implement of evil and death. They are quick to want to see guns made illegal and confiscated. However they don’t realize why the second amendment exists, and that by reducing it through controls risks giving up all your liberties. Truth is No Law Abiding citizen has ever committed a violent gun crime by the very definition of “law abiding”. Criminals don’t care about gun free zones, restrictions on selling guns to other criminals, or how many rounds are in a magazine. They already are breaking the law with their actions what’s one more law?

Guns and your safety

There are nearly 200 million guns in the American citizen’s hands. There are numbers thrown around like 30,000 gun related deaths, of course not mentioning that most of those are suicides or gang related killings. What they never talk about 2.5 million crimes that are stop each year by private firearms . The rate of people protecting themselves with firearms is 83 times higher then the number of deaths. So this should make firearms a good thing right? In today’s world we make a big deal out of things that happen so infrequently. It’s not our faults really the media conditions us to be that way. Yes, school shootings are horrific, but should you cause the death or injury  2.5 millions people per year who can’t defend themselves this year with a gun? All because of what one crazy person did? I say punish the violent criminals, get rid of this going easy on them  and giving parole or short jail sentences after they have killed someone, or committed violent crimes. Use the laws that are on the books and keep those off the street who perpetrate violence on the innocent. An animal with a taste for blood will eventually crave it.

Guns and your Liberty

In world war 2 the Japanese emperor tasked one of his admirals with  a US invasion after pearl harbor, not fearing the US Army. His admiral responded “if we invade there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” If history serves me right we were never invaded, because of the fear of an armed populace. For this reason we will always be able to keep or retain our liberties that make this country great. The constitution was designed to limit the influence of government on the people and restrict how it can act on people’s lives. This grants you and I the right to free speech among others. The second amendment acts as the security guard for our rights. The fact that; “the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed,” setups a hedge that allows the population with public support to defend those liberties from tyranny either foreign or domestic.

Battle of Athens (1946)

Tyranny doesn’t have to be a mass government conspiracy; it can be a single individual using their power for their interests, a great example is the Battle of Athens (1946)  that took place in Tennessee. The local officials where corrupt and committing voter fraud and intimidation, the wealth Cantrell family ran the local government, reducing the local justices down to 7 from 12, 4 of which were members of the family. The sheriff was corrupt and paid based off number of arrests and drummed up charges for no reason on people. War veterans returning home sought to oust the tyrants through a fair election and their own candidate. As a result the sheriff and 200 armed deputies policed the polling stations and caused a number of conflicts arose including one deputy shooting and wounding a black man who tried to vote. When polls closed deputies seized the ballot boxes and took them to the jail.

The GI’s raided the National Guard Armory and demanded the ballot boxes from the deputies barricaded in the jail. Ultimately it required dynamiting the barricaded jail to get the deputies to surrender the ballot boxes so fair election practices could prevail. Non of the GIs who took part in the uprising were charged. Laws were put into place within that district to prevent collusion of this nature in the future.

The People

At the end of this debate people need to remember in the end it’s about people being able to pursue whatever life and happiness they are seeking to achieve. The people who would follow the laws you want to pass aren’t the ones you are trying to stop.  They are the ones who will stand beside you help you through a troubled situation. Most gun owners would be willing to put their life on the line to protect you. So don’t give up your own security and allow the power hungry officials in the world to be the only one’s armed. History has shown time and time again after gun control comes tyranny and mass slaughter of people. Just because it hasn’t happened in the usa doesn’t mean it can’t. The reason it hasn’t happened is because of the second amendment. I encourage you to watch this video and challenge your thinking if you believe gun control is going to make you safer.



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