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How to use fire to your advantage

By lastminuteprepper

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Feb 19th, 2013

Ever since starting a fire was discovered by our ancestors it has been used to help us in many ways. Besides using it for heat, cooking food and light we can also use it to keep away wild animals and send signals. If you find yourself stranded in the wilderness you must know how to build a fire in the absence of matches or a lighter. You can refer to articles about how to build a fire as well as how to use it to cook food. Fire can also be used as a source of light throughout the dark night. The warm light of the fire will comfort you while at the same time keep wild animals away.

By making a torch you will have a mobile source of light which you can carry along with you to scare animals or find your way in the dark. However making a torch is not as easy as it looks in the movies. If your wrap a piece of cloth around a stick and light it on fire it will burn out after a while and would not serve as a steady source of light. To build a torch you will need a thick piece of wood or a thick branch. Use a piece of cloth and wrap it around one end of the branch. Use animal fat or tree sap as fuel for the torch. If you do not wish to rip your clothes to make a torch or do not have animal fat for fuel you can still build a torch. You can use bark from birch or poplar trees to build your torch. Peel the bark in thin layers and wrap it around the thick branch and bind them together with vines. You can also stuff it with dried grass and some green leaves which will make the torch burn longer.

You can also make small lamps using shells you can find at a beach and filling them with animal fat or tree sap. You can make wick with cotton or dried coconut husks as well as mullein stalk. These small lamps can provide light and will burn for a long time.

While in some situations you may wish you had an Emergency Transponder to signal aircraft, boats and search and rescue ships typically you may have to find another way to get rescued. You can also use signal fires to create a signal for aircrafts which might be hovering in the sky or even ships at sea. A smoke is easy to spot from a distance and thus can be used to draw attention to you which will increase the chances of a rescue party finding you. Use straight long branches to build a tripod with the help of vines. Bind three long branches at the top to form a tripod and tie sticks horizontally to form a triangular platform. Now place smaller sticks and cover them with dried grass. Kindle a fire to burn the dried grass and keep adding grass and dried leaves to it. Now cover your platform with long branches with leaves which will help generate a lot of smoke. The thick smoke will ensure an airplane or a ship can spot you and arrive to rescue you.

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