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Why Gun Control doesn’t work, and Concealed Carry Does

By lastminuteprepper

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Dec 12th, 2012

Gun Control is a hot debate, and everyone has a view including Bob Costas. Some believe without guns the world would be safer and their wouldn’t be as much crime and murder. However there has been crime and murder in our history dating back before “medieval” swords and knives. Back to when Cane killed his brother Able. I would agree guns make it easier but they are just a tool and humans are where the violence stems from. What people fail to think about is once the idea of gun hit the human consciousness even if you remove all of them someone with the know how will make one. So you can’t bury your head in the sand and hit “undo.” They will exist and always make their way into the hands of the tyrants and criminals no matter the safe guards.

The problem with gun control is the only people who will follow the laws are, by definition, law abiding citizens. Those are the people who respect guns and only use them for defense. They aren’t a threat unless threatened. Criminals already do not follow laws so why would they start. Meaning only the criminals will be armed. With state and city budgets shrinking the police forces are not able to handle the crime that would result. Also few know this but the police officers are not obligated to put themselves in danger to protect you, they are merely there to clean up and write a report afterwards. When seconds count police are minutes away.

With today’s economy people are becoming more desperate this means more crime and a higher need to protect yourself. This is why gun sales are at an all time high, companies like Rugar had to stop taking orders for a while to catch up. People recognize that evil is more abundant in this world and want protection. Concealed carry permits are being issued at a fast pace too. Here in my area when I got my permit I asked the officer about how many they were issuing and the answer broke down to one ever 7 minutes. It seemed like the only reason it wasn’t faster was due to their resources to be able to process new applicants fast enough.

It is statistically proven that as soon as concealed carry is available in a state the crime rate drops by close to 25% within one year. Most states have some sort of concealed carry law, in those states that do not you can see high volume of crime compared to others. Such as Chicago, New York, and California which have some of the toughest gun control laws. An Armed populace will do a far better job of lowering crime than more police. Criminals will come up against guns more frequently and decide it’s not worth it. Remember they want an easy mark not risk being shot. Statistics show that violent with concealed carry laws the number of violent crimes go down and the number of theft from cars or other places where people aren’t involved raise. This is because they go where there is less risk of being shot.

One of the biggest failures of our people is allowing the federal government to slowly take away our gun rights. The Second amendment shows that the owning of firearms for our own protection from crime and tyranny are our God given right. God wants us to overcome evil and that doesn’t mean having to always run from it when it rears it’s ugly head. In fact the bible says “though shall not kill the innocent.” Not don’t kill but rather don’t kill the innocent. Keep in mind the reason for gun control is not to reduce crime it’s to limit your recourse should your government turn against you, which frankly there is a high probability of this happening if not in our lifetimes, in our children’s. Every year our rights and dignity are being stripped from us under the guise of security. Now you can’t fly without being sexually assaulted and your belongings stolen out of your bag by TSA agents. Surprisingly they are starting to show up at subways and bus stops too.

It’s very important that your 2nd amendment gun rights stay intact so there are will always be options besides being a slave or die. You should support the NRA if you do not, they continue to fight to keep our gun rights. Also read the book Patriots by James Weasley Rawles. In the later sections of this book it illustrates an extreme version of what could happen.

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