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The Rule of 3

By lastminuteprepper

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Dec 3rd, 2012
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The most important rule for preppers is the rule of 3. This helps you keep in mind what is important and how to survive. It goes something like this.

You can survive…

  • 3 Minutes without air
  • 3 Hours without shelter (extreme hot or cold)
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food
  • 3 months without Hope

There is also a secondary aspect of three to preppers many want to have redundancies of their most important items in, you guessed it, threes. 3 ways to start fire, 3 ways to purify water, 3 exit routes, etc.

The basic summary from this is to start by finding shelter, this includes building a fire first. Then find a clean source of water and finding a way to purify it, then you can begin searching for food. Doing it out of order you put yourself and whoever else is with you as risk. Let’s cover concerns for each one.

Air – Typically this isn’t a concern however depending on your prep this may mean having a gas mask or N95 surgical air mask to protect yourself from chemicals and viral dangers you may face.

Shelter – This may not be true if your clothing provides more then adequate protection to the cold, however you will want to find a location to take shelter that is warm and dry. Create a lean-too and scavenge wood to make a start a fire. Also consider that part of your shelter plan should include proper clothing for all seasons in your area.

Water – You need a source of water ideally running water like a stream, however a pond will do with good water filtration systems otherwise if you don’t have those sources of water consider alternates like using a tarp or your roof and gutters to collect rain water. In a pinch your house has hidden water inside your toilet tanks (not the bowls), and hot water heater. However if you have warning fill your bath tub and sinks up before water is compromised to increase your water reserves.

Food – Preparation and things like canned good and MREs can help sustain you for quite a while depending on your reserves. You will need to plan to gather more food. This includes hunting, fishing, gathering, scavenging and farming. Heirloom seeds can be a great long term plan if you worry about long term outage of the power grid.

Hope – Depression and much more will set in if you feel there is no hope. This is where you may consider including some creature comforts to your prepping. It may be a favorite candy bar, something fun to give you a mental distraction, or a good book such as the Bible. Religion will help you make it through the troubled times.

Keep this idea in mind as you begin your prep.

1 Comment to “The Rule of 3”

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