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Packing Hope in your bug out bag

By lastminuteprepper

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Dec 6th, 2012

Hope is one of the most powerful motivators in the world. Hope is like a tow line that can help pull you out of the quicksand we find ourselves in through out life. In the Rule of 3 article I mentioned that you can only last 3 months without hope. This is very true. It doesn’t take much hope to keep you alive and going but the stronger your hope the more you can endure and the greater heights you can climb.

For different people hope can mean different things. Hope of rescue, hope for success, and hope for the future some of the common ones. For me I find my hope in Jesus Christ and the holy bible. For this reason I keep a Pocket Bible in my bug out bag, and my Everyday Carry Bag (EDC). My hope and faith in Christ has taken me through the gates of hell and back. At one point my hope hit rock bottom as I sat there with a gun to my head and finger on the trigger wanting to end it all. Somewhere deep inside of me I heard “you are willing to take your own life, but are you willing to give it?” In that dark place is where the seed of hope and faith grew. Before I was hoping for worldly goals and seeing no success, holding myself to a high standard and wishing for things to get better that continued to get worse. Once I gave up my life on that day and reaffirmed my faith in Christ and trusted that everything would be ok if I just dared to put my plans aside and follow his things began to improve.

My faith delivered me from that place and through many trials and tribulations to come and over the years my life has changed for the better. I care more deeply for the people around me and seek to help others. Knowing that Christ is going through the trials with me and trusting his direction I find comfort no matter what life brings. When you can get to this place of being it makes survival much more bearable. You do your best and endure and thrive as long as you can but know that one day no matter how it comes you will be standing before God and he will say “Well done my good and faithful servant.” These kind of hopes and dreams are eternal and something you can stand on in your times of lacking and difficulty.

For me packing hope means packing Christianity. I know Bear Grylls also packs Christianity with him on his adventures, and it along with hopes of seeing his family again help him muster up the strength to dig deep and push through. If you haven’t explored Christianity I recommend you give it a shot. Pick up a bible like the New Living translation and start in the books of Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John. Learn about Jesus and his teachings. Then find a church that focuses on how much God truely loves you and wants you back with him. Then you will truly see what Christian faith is about. For those who have been exposed to “christians” in the past who smack them over the head with a bible and say “live a better life,” I am sorry.

The truth about Christian faith is God created you and much like a father to child you haven’t called home in a long time and he really misses you and would do anything to have a relationship with you. However he gave you freewill and as a result he won’t force himself into your life. He wants you to want him. Jesus was God in incarnate reaching out to help us reconnect. He said you can’t get to heaven by good deeds alone only that relationship with God through Jesus can bring you over that chasm into heaven. The idea of bettering yourself that’s something that comes later ones you can God are reunited. He’s just happy you want him in your life, and he accepts you broken and as you are into his arms like a father would a long lost son.

That’s the Christian faith, anyone talking about damnation or repentance is missing the boat and stuck in the old testament. God doesn’t make the negatives events in our lives, those are caused by due to our own freewill and corruption away from God’s desired path for us. He won’t take back his promise of freewill no matter how much it hurts him to see us suffer. If you invite him into your life he will help you through the difficult times. This my friends is the strongest hope and ally you can have when SHTF hits.

While you may not be ready in your life to connect with God at this time, Family is another strong motivator. To hope and strive for a better life for your family can also get you through. You must find your source of hope and keep it close to you always. I shared mine and hope you too can find something strong to tie your hope around and weather the coming storm.

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