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Beginning: Where to find the money to prep

By lastminuteprepper

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Dec 5th, 2012

We live in a consumer culture as such many of us purchase the newest iPhone and gadget. These items are draining your resources to prepare. The best way to live is to only buy what you have the time and money to maintain and use.

Lifestyle changes — For many the first step is tracking your expenses and seeing where you can make cuts to be able to devote money on a regular basis to buying what you need to survive a major disaster. The most common changes one tends to make are how often they eat out, buying new vs. buying used, reducing purchases, or optimizing your spending. Making changes to your lifestyle is the first most impactful way to find the money.

Selling of unused or unneeded belongings — If you think a crisis is on the near horizon and you have items you really don’t need or wouldn’t take with you in a Bug out then why not sell them and make some extra cash to buy what you really do need? This could be an old baseball card collection or a second vehicle.

Odd Jobs — Through craigslist and other sources you can find odd jobs you can take on to get some extra money. Maybe start a side business like a bubble gum machine business that can buy your preps for you.

Barter — People forget that the world was founded on barter before money existed. Find people who need your services in exchange for their products or services.

Reclaim items you would be surprised what people consider junk. Find the free stuff on craiglist or dumpster diving and re-purpose it. Even thing about things like the phone book you throw out can be used to start fires or as toilet paper. How can you reuse your otherwise waste?

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